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R & D Center

The R&D Center consists of four functional areas, namely office area, material detection area, technology center and pilot production workshop, covers an area of 2,610m2, and has advanced and complete R&D instruments and equipment and 65 research staff, including 21 people with bachelor degree or above, 3 masters and 18 people with intermediate title or above, of whom 5 people have senior title.

 In the three tasks of “R&D, Demonstration, Generalization” of manganese precision and deep processing engineering technology and overall objective of “Versatile Talent Cultivation Base”, the center mainly researches manganese down-stream products, and focuses on cooperating with Jishou University and University of Science and Technology Beijing to research and develop key technology and generic technology of manganese precision and deep processing supported by integration technology  of “metal powder forging and pressing technology, metal nitriding technology and metal powder bonding technology”.

The main R&D direction of the center is research and development application of down-stream products of manganese, especially R&D of manganese alloy technology and product new process to cultivate new economic growth points.

The main research fields of the center are:
◆Developing manganese alloy material and researching relevant technology of manganese alloy material
◆Nitrogen content design research
◆Manganese purity research
◆Research of metal powder bonding technology
◆New product market application range experiment and research
In recent years, the center has obtained fruitful R&D achievements, 2 authorized inventive patents, 2 provincial scientific and technological achievements, 1 national key new product and 1 first prize for prefectural scientific and technological progress, achieved the commercialization of 3 research findings, and took the lead to assume 1 national technology support planning program by virtue of “Fengda Technology”.