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Leaders' Investigating and Researching Activities Further Standardized

Date:2012-11-12 18:41
Recently, at the conference of Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial CPC Committee further standardizing the leaders' investigating and researching activities has been decided. Zhang Chunxian, secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of People's Congress of Hunan Province, stressed at the conference that leaders at all levels should stay firmly grounded in reality, reduce unnecessary affairs, simplify the reception and treatment process and focus on investigating and solving serious problems of the grassroots with the scientific outlook on development as a guiding principle to create a solid foundation for " maintaining capital growth, expanding domestic demand, adjusting industrial structure, enhancing the development level, focusing on reform, increasing vitality, ensuring people's livelihood and promoting harmony" and realizing the goal of making people richer and the province stronger.

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